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7 Best Motorcycle Movies Ever

7 Best Motorcycle Movies Ever December 11, 2014

The fine art of the motor cycle film has hit the speed in the recent years.


This movie is the story of two sad and lonely teenagers who rebuild bike from junkyard parts. Once the bike runs they became the king of the entire world who can do anything. This is what all about riding is. It really doesn’t matter how your motor cycle looks, hoe fast or slow it runs, how horrible its outfit may be, just get on to your bike and better explore the world. Still no one is sure about the type of motor cycle that was used in the movie.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103855/

Easy rider

Even though there is rise and fall of the hippie moment, generations in the conflict and also increased polarization of the American society, the easy rider movie shows that there is no better way to explore the world than seeing it through bike travel.


This is a movie about male hair stylist who is the best example for independent and dreams while riding motorcycle. This is one of the great movies if in case you are single guy and you can show this movie to your girl.

The great escape

Maybe this movie creates marvel mystery oil in our veins, but we just can’t think of any other movie analogy in order to understand the struggle of an individual against repressive regime in the great escape. It really doesn’t matter whether he jumps across the border or not. It’s the human spirit that we can feel in the motorcycle which makes it as one of the best motor cycle forever.

Waiting out winter

According to a popular motorcycle blog motrev.net, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This is movie by Andrew David Watsons and it’s a homage to craftspeople who spend their cold days within their workshops waiting for the weather to get better. You will really sympathize for the movie actors who shiver inside the garage while working on bikes.

On any Sunday

This is one of the best loved motor cycle movies for ever. The movie was directed by Brice Brown and he is quite famous for surf classic endless summer. It captured the spirit of the motor cycle in the way even a non motor cycle rider can understand the concept behind it very well. Deservedly it won academy award nomination.

This movie is shot using 4k ultra HD equipment. To a fortunate extent the trailer of the movie suggests to its users that this movie will live up to publicity.

Faster and fastest

These two documentaries mainly focus on MotoGP and the valentine Rossi. There is sort of exceptional footage in this movie. The main actor of the movie is late Macro Simon celli who is all-time favorite racer of everyone. Even a non-motor cycle rider will definitely enjoy this movie.

There is wide range of website that provides with best motor cycle movies for ever. In addition to movies there are number of motor bikes stunts are available online for one to watch.

JG Experts Claim: “It is Possible to Increase Natural Testosterone Production”

JG Experts Claim: “It is Possible to Increase Natural Testosterone Production” September 18, 2014

Many men think that the only way to increase testosterone is to use hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), however, the truth is that it is possible to boost your testosterone naturally without using any pills or hormones by changing your life habits and diet. We have recently talked to James Crieg from popular fitness magazine JG and below you will find his recommendations on how to make your body produce more testosterone.

#1 Losing Weight

2 years ago there was a research presented by Endocrine Society, The research has proved that overweight men are more prone to low testosterone production than men who have normal weight. That is why the first step on the way to higher testo production should be losing excess weight.

You can do that by combining healthy diet and exercises. Exercising has two benefits: first of all, it helps burn calories and, what is very important, heavy compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench press make your body produce more testosterone. That is why you should always add these exercises to your workout program.

bench press

#2 Exercising

As mentioned above, base exercises such as those that are mentioned above can help your body boost natural testo production, however, you should also know, that both intermittent fasting and short intense exercises are proven to have positive effect on male hormone production. Keep this fact in mind when choosing your training program.

#3 Supplements such as Zinc and Tribulus

Supplement companies have thousands of different products that cost a lot of money. The truth is, that these magical supplements are really overprized and you can buy all supplements in any local pharmacy for just a few dollars. Here is the list of supplements that are proven to be effective:

  • Zinc
  • Tribulus extract
  • Vitamin D

Most supplements found in fitness stores use either all of these ingredients or some of them. To save some money, you can buy them separately.


Do not forget, that you can ignore zinc supplements and add zinc rich foods to your daily diet. Seafood, beef, lamb, pumpkin, nuts: these are just a few foods that have enough zinc.

#4 Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is a very important part of boosting testosterone production. When you are stressed, your body produces stress hormone called cortisol that burns muscle and reduces male hormone production. You should do everything you can to avoid stress and minimize cortisol levels in your body. Learn to control yourself and you will not have problems with your hormones.

How To Shoot Your Paintball Gun More Accurately

How To Shoot Your Paintball Gun More Accurately August 26, 2014

Accuracy is very important when you are shooting your paintball gun, because it makes it easier to hit your target, and also prevents you from wasting paintballs. A lot of less experienced paintballers tend to shoot randomly in the direction of their target; hoping one of their paintball eventually hits the target. This technique works at times, but isn’t really effective, which is why we have decided to give them a few tips on how to shoot their paintball guns accurately.

One of the ways to improve your accuracy is by buying a rifled paintball barrel, rifled barrels in paintball are just like the barrels in real guns, they have small grooves in them that run the entire length of the barrel, and help to guide the paintballs more accurately, by preventing them from spinning, and reducing the friction, which in turn boosts the speed of the paintball, and gives you a more accurate shot. The longer the barrel of the paintball gun, the more accurate it is, but don’t use a barrel that is over 22 inches long, because it creates too much drag, and diminishes the speed and accuracy of the paintball.


Another way to improve your accuracy is by practicing. Like every other thing in life, the more you practice, the better you become. You should make a target at home that you can practice your accuracy on, doing this on a regular basis helps you become a better marksman, which will make it easier for you to hit your targets during the game. You should also practice shooting in different positions, like shooting on your knees, lying down, and shooting while moving.

Your accuracy can also be improved by buying a bipod or a vertical grip, you will have to shoot lying down with the bipod, but you will get the most stability with it, because your gun will be set on a flat surface, which prevents it from shaking, giving you more accuracy. The bipods are best used with sniper rifles.

hiding in the woods

The Vertical Grip also provides a lot of stability, and can be used to fire accurately from long distances with your gun against your shoulder, and shorter distances when you fire from the waist level. Do not forget, that tactical gloves, that you wear while you play paintball also effect accuracy, so make sure that your gloves are comfortable and do not block your finger moves.

Buying a short range scope or red dot sight also provide you with a lot of accuracy, the scope is a great accessory to the bipod, because it gives you more accuracy than the bipod by itself, especially if you are using a sniper rifle. The red dot sight is great in close to medium combat situations.

How A Start-Up Is Helping Towns Market Their Real Estate

How A Start-Up Is Helping Towns Market Their Real Estate August 18, 2014

Two Harvard University Public Policy graduates are trying to help do something they haven’t been able to do well in the past, which is marketing and managing their real estate portfolios. They created a start-up company called OpportunitySpace, which allows the local governments to put publicly owned real estate in an online database that is open to the public.

These properties are not only listed in the database, other specific information about these properties, such as their value, square footage, and taxes owned, are linked to their addresses.

The start-up, according to its developers Alexander Kapur, and Cristina Garmendia, was a result of their master’s thesis, and has a threefold mission. They feel that having a public database to list real estate holdings, gives a government better leverage in an area where they didn’t have much leverage. The database also helps developers, because it gives them an easier way to find out information about properties they are interested in, while providing transparency for people interested in finding out about what goes on with public land and publicly owned buildings.


In an area that is limited only to those who have some expertise in investing in and developing real estate, this start-up uses technology to open the doors for less experienced people to get into real estate investing, and create more competition in the market, which will generate better results.

OpportunitySpace is still not fully functional, because some features are still being worked on, but a pilot program with four municipalities in the state of Rhode Island was just completed. All 1,363 publicly owned real estate, including recreational areas and parks have been listed in the public database, and city mayor Angel Taveras is hoping the site will be accessible from smartphones, which will make it accessible to more people.

People who are interested in a property that is listed in the public database can sign up to receive alerts if the property goes up for sale, or is sold, so they can either make plans to buy the property, or look for other public property to buy.

Municipalities that plan to use OpportunitySpace won’t have to pay a lot of money to use their public database, but they will be charged a manageable subscription fee for using it. The developers of this new start-up intend to make most of their money by selling the more sophisticated levels of data to the privately owned companies.